When I first heard of the Embroiderers’ Guild, I thought it would be an organization composed of high powered experts and not for someone like me who just enjoyed sewing.  But in 1970 I went to a Creative Embroidery class taught by Gladys Hope and she encouraged me to join.  They met in School Lane, and proved to be really friendly and encouraging – and here I still am nearly forty years later. 

The Branch made two very enjoyable trips organized by Roma Mason –  in 1982  to Rouen and Bayeux, and the following year to Brussels and Bruges.  And over the years I made Friends from different branches on tours to Holland, Paris, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and America.  In England the Guild did trips to Lancaster,  Scotland and a very good trip to the North of England which finished up at the AGM in Durham.  I regret that they now only go to India and far flung places that demand more time and money than I can afford.

My  embroidery will never reach perfection, but I’ve always enjoyed trying out various techniques, and my favourite is needlelace  It has always been fun thinking about designs for our annual competition – I’m good on ideas, even if my technique is not so perfect! 

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